Tour Guide for Your Business

Congratulations! – You’re a business owner.  

You’ve put thought, sweat, tears and many late nights into your business and here you sit. … thinking about the future. At least I hope you have looked to the future.

All business needs to be prepared for growth and by preparing for growth your business needs to be scalable. This means processes need to have the ability to be automated and systems have to be formidable.

Once you have customers into your fold you need to be able to lead them by the hand and they need to follow you through the growing of your business without too much turbulence. As long as you have set forth a solid guide ( read up on brand manuals here) (link to post) – you will be able to make changes to your business in a way that allows your customers to grow with you.

Think of Starbucks.  A huge chain that has grown massively over the years. When looking at the evolution of their logo – it’s a perfect example of guiding the customer.


In over 40 years just their logo evolved to what it is today.  Throughout it all they kept their branding consistent yet managed to now have a representation of their company which is recognizable by only an image. If you notice, the business name doesn’t appear anywhere on their logo any more. They are image only.  The power in the following that allows their brand to be equated to just an image is immense. They took their customers by the proverbial coffee cup- in baby steps – and didn’t miss a beat.

No one knows if Starbucks has reached their full growth potential or if there will be more changes on the horizon, but you can rest assured their tribe will have no trouble following the aroma… and logo, wherever it may lead.


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